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About Fiesta Mercantile





Fiesta Mercantile is a labor of love.  We are just like many of you - working full time jobs and raising kids.  We entered the world of antiques and collectibles because we love vintage pieces.   Often we would do restoration because we could see each item for what it wanted to be rather than what it was at the time.  Neither of us knew in 2016 that our "side hustle" would bring us into the world of antiques, collectibles, and art - but it has.  One can always grow and learn if what you are learning is connected to your sense of place, self and home.

We are excited to share the work of these creators and artists for a few reasons.  One, these works are curated by our commitment to support local artists.  Two, we know nothing makes a home like a treasured original art piece that brings conversation, beauty and inspiration to our living spaces.  Three, we have a message that unites our products.  We believe in the power of community.  When you buy a piece from us we know it will offer that special flavor, vision and care that you deserve.  The honey is locally sourced, the artists reflect the diaspora of the New Mexican scene and our website was designed with someone like you in mind; someone who knows your dollars matter and so does our community. 


We believe you deserve one-of-a-kind products and to find them, look no further than Fiesta Mercantile.  We are a website different in a city different.  Our operation in Santa Fe is nestled 60 miles north of the Sandia Mountains among the Pueblos of Isleta all the way to Tesuque and Santa Clara.  We are here to promote artisans who cultivate views of our surroundings that tell truths about the landscape, people and history of this Tewa land we occupy.  As our network of artisans grows, we look forward to offering a range of products to meet more and more of your needs.  We love to hear from you so be sure to reach out on social media. 

Thank You for Visiting!






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